About us

Workplace Careers 

The UK's leading job site for cross discipline admin talent in the 21st century workplace.

Workplace Careers is a response to the rapidly evolving workplace of the twenty first century. 

In the modern workplace old stereotypes of managers and their secretaries have long since been replaced by a real meritocracy of careers within the administrative function, where everyone in today’s workplace is multi-skilled, multi-talented and un-restricted by old fashioned job categorisation. In today’s workplace hard work and ability is all it takes for anyone to do anything.

Workplace Careers recognises these new ways of working and therefore not tied in to any ‘old media’ categories. The site uses innovative cross network vacancy content sourced from many disparate online locations, backed up by its own and partner sourced data. This all adds up to a broad cross sector site with unrivalled reach into the real job market.  

This site is for anyone working in a broadly administrative capacity which we would define as anything that is not specifically technical or sales based - that is a big chunk of the workforce! This encompasses, all support roles, finance, customer service and many others; all of which require top quality administrators.

Wherever you are in your career, wherever you want to be; find it on  Workplace Careers.